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If you want to learn more about window treatments, whether cordless, motorized or hand-drawn, then take a look at the following tips. Interested in learning more about blackout blinds, light filtering shades, and automated draperies? Then have one of our experts meet you for a free in-person consultation.

Choose the right power source for your electric blinds

There are three main options to choose from when getting motorized shades installed. You can go with hardwired blinds that connect to your property's main grid. This allows for simultaneous control over different sets of automatic window coverings and the ability to have them all move in unison. You can choose to get battery-powered blinds, which are far simpler to install. These will continue to work during power outages, but won't move as fast as hardwired ones. You can also decide you want solar-powered blinds, which is great for energy efficiency and utilizing green solar energy. They'll save you money and lower your carbon footprint. However, if the sun decides to hide behind clouds, solar-powered window treatments will struggle to keep working, unless they have a secondary power source.

Childproof cordless blinds and shades are a must if you have young kids

Your child's safety always comes first, and cordless window treatments help ensure that. Corded shades can pose an entanglement risk for small children and some pets, so if you want to avoid this, you'll want to do away with dangling cords and ropes. Some people prefer the aesthetically "clean" look of cordless blinds and shades and consider dangling strings to be more unsightly. Regardless of why you need them, cordless blinds are a smart choice for most homes.

Remember that color is a major factor for sheer shades

Apart from complementing the overall décor, the color plays a very important role with sheer fabrics. It gives the sunlight that filters through the shades a tinge, which can enhance the ambiance, or have an adverse effect. Warm colors will help you create a cozier feel, and cold shades will have a sleeker, high tech vibe. There are near limitless combinations, of course, just remember to consider what the filtered sunlight will look like once it gets through your sheer shades.


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