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The Best Features of Cellular Shades

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The Best Features of Cellular Shades

Features of Cellular Shades | Motorized Blinds Encinitas, CA

Cellular shades are great for both design and practical reasons. Here, we want to explain some of the most important benefits that this style of window treatment brings to the table. Finding the perfect shades for your windows can feel like a huge challenge when you first start looking. Have a look through these key points to see if this design is right for you.

Modern Design For Modern Living

Cellular shades are made from two specially shaped sheets that combine to create the hexagonal-shaped tiers that form the body of the window cover. The hexagonal shape (some would say honeycomb-like) of each tier is what earns the design its name. The key principle behind the design is that the blind will fold up incredibly neatly when opening to expose the window. It looks very impressive when it functions, saves space as it does not require a bulky headrail, and can be adjusted to stay fixed in various positions between closed and open. 

Great For Insulation

The two sheets that form the body of cellular shades are separated by a thin air gap. This design makes the cover especially efficient at preventing heat from passing through. This insulation quality is a huge bonus of the unique design and will help to ensure that your living space is kept at a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the seasons. This can be a significant purchasing factor if you live in an area where harsh weather regularly impacts your daily living.  

Effective Light Blocking

The sheets on this style of shading are made from solid materials. This means honeycomb designs are very good at blocking out sunlight. If you need darkness during the day or want privacy at night, these window covers will ensure that you have full control over the lighting in your rooms. The control systems are never complicated either. Most cellular shade designs use a simple cord function or improved alternative that is easy to operate. Whether you need them for one room or all the windows in your space, this style can offer exceptional aesthetics, insulation benefits, and great light control.  


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